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Welcome to Type 4 Fro, the new resource for those who have type 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair. Here you can find new natural hairstyles, product reviews, hair journeys, contests, tips/tricks and more for your hair! Join the community :)

We don't discriminate; if you're a male, a type 3 naturalista, or even have bone straight hair, we'd like you here too! Some tips and discussions will benefit ALL. 

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Heat Styling can be a good addition to your hair care regimen when done properly. You will be able to stretch your hair for mini twists, braids, braid/twist-outs, crochet braids, or even flat ironing. You can also check the length of your hair and be able to see where you need to trim. The Key to the whole process…

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When my hair is natural I use Shea Moisture products. Its helps a lot.
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Box Braids

So I had box braids installed about 3 weeks ago and I love them. They are the greatest protective style that I've ever had. So easy to manage and take care of as well. I washed my hair after 2 weeks of having them in and my hair grew about 1/2 in to 1 inch with them and it hasn't even been a whole month yet. These are going to be my go to protective style. Box braids as well as twists Those are going to be my protective style for the summer time.

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No solution

Hey ladies usually I know how to treat my hair but it seems none of knowledge is working for this specific subject. So recently I have been suffering from an itchy scalp and I don't know why or how to treat it. i moisturize my hair everyday but its so thick that it sucks up all the oil and water so instantly and becomes so fry fast. I normally deep condition my hair every week but I have twist in my hair so I don't deep condition my hair that often, WHAT SHOULD I DO LADIES, PLEASE REPLY AND…

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There are so many different hair textures in the world, but no matter which hair type sits on top of your pretty head we all have the same lingering question, “What’s going to happen to my hair while I sleep?”

While we sleep our cotton pillowcases are absorbing all the natural moisture out of our hair making it dry & brittle and the friction between our hair and the rough surface of the pillowcase creates tangles and mess otherwise known as bed…

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I know most of you recognize this chart and already know what it is used for, but for those of you who don't I will briefly describe it before getting to my point. This hair type chart is supposed to assist people in figuring out what type of curl pattern their hair has so they can learn how to care for it and make it…

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Best Method to Shampooing Natural Hair

Morning B.B.W.'s!!!This topic is something I felt should be shared amongst one another because majority of us do not KNOW HOW TO SHAMPOO OUR OWN HAIR!!!NO DIGGING INTO THE SCALP,SCRATCHING WITH THE NAILS OR ROUGHNESS OF THE SORT.!!The proper way (depending on the hair type/ lifestyle ) you will almost always start on the scalp. Whether you place the shampoo at the temple,nape,crown or sides. The goal is to have the shampoo directly on the scalp, lightly massage the shampoo( using the palm of…
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