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Welcome to Type 4 Fro, the new resource for those who have type 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair. Here you can find new natural hairstyles, product reviews, hair journeys, contests, tips/tricks and more for your hair! Join the community :)

We don't discriminate; if you're a male, a type 3 naturalista, or even have bone straight hair, we'd like you here too! Some tips and discussions will benefit ALL. 

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Heat Styling can be a good addition to your hair care regimen when done properly. You will be able to stretch your hair for mini twists, braids, braid/twist-outs, crochet braids, or even flat ironing. You can also check the length of your hair and be able to see where you need to trim. The Key to the whole process…

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"it can be. there's so many variables! but there are multiple porosity tests. the best way to tell i…"
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"I have tried the porosity test and have read that the test is ineffective. Not sure how true that i…"
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Hi Everyone -Thanks for the invitation to this site.  Still finding my way around :)Thing is though…
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Do you know your hair's porosity level?

Hey everyone! We put so much emphasis on deep conditions, co washes etc but we must FIRST start with knowing our porosity in order for any product or moisture to penetrate our strands. First let's start with what it is. Porosity is your hairs ability or inability to absorb & retain moisture. I have some low porosity & some normal porosity hair on my head. Do you know yours?

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What's my hair type

Hi Everyone - Thanks for the invitation to this site.  Still finding my way around :) Thing is though, I'm a little  I'm not really sure what my hair type is.  Can anyone help, please...? IMAG0665.jpg

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I'm just about one year 5 months since my transition and I've seen no increase in length! My sister went natural a few months before me and her hair has grown tremendously. I need help. I'm tired of sporting a short awkward looking fro. Plus there aren't many styles that my hair will do, because of it's texture. It has a mind of it's own.

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Prepping for Semi/Big Chop

Hey Ladies, I was wondering what tips you all have for preparing to get a semi/big chop. Did you cut yourself, or did you go to the salon and have it done? What was your experience after all the relaxed ends were gone? How long did you transition before the chop? Did you get it styled after?  I celebrated my first year transitioning back to natural, and I decided to cut the rest of relaxed ends off in April. My hair has grown different lengths around my head. I may have it either evened out or…

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Best Method to Shampooing Natural Hair

Morning B.B.W.'s!!!This topic is something I felt should be shared amongst one another because majority of us do not KNOW HOW TO SHAMPOO OUR OWN HAIR!!!NO DIGGING INTO THE SCALP,SCRATCHING WITH THE NAILS OR ROUGHNESS OF THE SORT.!!The proper way (depending on the hair type/ lifestyle ) you will almost always start on the scalp. Whether you place the shampoo at the temple,nape,crown or sides. The goal is to have the shampoo directly on the scalp, lightly massage the shampoo( using the palm of…
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Making a Statement

I have been natural for well over 16 years. Way before this beautiful movement we are experiencing and way before the great tips that are flooding the web. I suffered weird looks and rude comments but I always felt safe and confident in my natural self! It has taken me years to discover how the different facets of me fit together but I have and now is the perfect time. Everyday I strive to empower and encourage women to be their best selves. I connect with them through my art, my business…

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Do you know that there are 4 types of natural hair? Yes, getting back to the root of your texture. I do believe we all are beautiful kinky curly hair B.B.W.'s but what I love about this chart is I can determine the type of curls we have, then being a hair stylist that specializes in natural hair I personal find it helpful to treat each B.B.W. differently. As well as knowing you ethnicity and ancestors. Let's get to it...When you shampoo or wet your hair what how's does perform?-4a Spirals-4b…
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