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Welcome to Type 4 Fro, the new resource for those who have type 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair. Here you can find new natural hairstyles, product reviews, hair journeys, contests, tips/tricks and more for your hair! Join the community :)

We don't discriminate; if you're a male, a type 3 naturalista, or even have bone straight hair, we'd like you here too! Some tips and discussions will benefit ALL. 

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Hair Growth Supplement Pills

Everyone wants long hair and having to wait months even years is a hassle and just annoying to reach our hair goal length. Lately, there has been lots of talk about Hairfinity and Manetabolism by the Mane Choice. Their has been a lot of positive and negative things said about these hair growth pills. I've thought about trying these hair growth pills, I mean who does wants longer hair in a short period of time? What do I really have to lose right? I guess my question to you guys is what is your…

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2 Replies · Reply by Shaz Aug 21

Preferred Daily Hairstyle for Type 4 Hair

So if you're like me, you totally like to change up your look once in a while, but you have your daily go-tos that get you through the week too. I'm in a styling rut. I normally do various sizes and types of twists and twist updos for length retention, but I'm getting bored. I want to do something fun before it gets cold and I have to hide my hair under a hat/extensions. Any ideas? What are your favorite day-to-day styles? The pictures attached are about as exciting as I get lol. …

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Natural hair Family *

Hello evryone, My name is Fatima, I am type 4c, 4b,4a . my head is a mixture of goodies. LoL! I gladly joined this natural hair family in order to learn from others because i am struggling with my hair.I have been natural for 3 years now, currrentlyat shoulder lenght.I feel like i am at that < AWKWARD STAGE> where my hair doesnt grown, keeps breaking.I deep condition evryweek, shampoo, but it seems like my hair has a mind of its own. would love some advice and know who has or is experiencing…

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2 Replies · Reply by Dana C. Brown Aug 21

Featured News

Carol's Daughter Files for Bankruptcy

Companies affiliated with the line of beauty products branded Carol’s Daughter have gone bankrupt. On Thursday Carol’s Daughter filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the brand moved to close most of its stores. The court papers filed, signed by Carol’s DaughterChief Financial Officer John D. Elmer, stated most of Carol’s Daughter stores have been unprofitable since 2010.

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