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Welcome to Type 4 Fro, the new resource for those who have type 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair. Here you can find new natural hairstyles, product reviews, hair journeys, contests, tips/tricks and more for your hair! Join the community :)

We don't discriminate; if you're a male, a type 3 naturalista, or even have bone straight hair, we'd like you here too! Some tips and discussions will benefit ALL. 

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Three Natural Ways to Treat Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Hair loss, or alopecia, is incredibly common and can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's caused by aging, other times it manifests as a result of improper styling techniques. Those of us with afro-textured hair already realize what a challenge it can be to keep our hair healthy and strong due to its complex…

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Kink + Coil posted a blog post
Hair loss, or alopecia, is incredibly common and can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it'…
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Are you on the hunt for a wig or hair extensions that match your natural curl pattern?[ CHECK OUT T…
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It can be tricky to switch up your look if you have short to medium-length natural hair. Many style…
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Are your edges thinning? Are your ends breaking? Are your coils coiling? Relax and take a deep brea…
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Any YouTubers out there?

Hi everyone!! I recently started a YouTube channel with tutorials on how I style and maintain my type 4 (4b/4c mix) hair. Are there any other new and/or established natural hair vloggers/bloggers out here? Let's subscribe to each others' channels and support one another!My YouTube channel is reply with your YouTube channel/video links and or blog addresses so we can show each other love and support.xoxo Daniela (tallgirldani)

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How do I find out my hair type?

Hey everyone.I started transitioning in April 2014, my hair is practically natural now and I still don‘t know my hair type.How do I find that out?. Secondly, can someone please explain to me what terms like cowash and deep conditioning mean?. Lastly, dear naturalistas, what is the best way to respond when someone asks me why my hair is natural? Thing is, I‘m living in Nigeria where until recently natural hair and dreadlocks have being seen as scruffy, so what way can I encourage my other West…

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Best Ways to Use Shea Butter on Natural Hair

So I admit that when I first purchased Shea Butter a few months ago, I was not too keen on the smell and was clueless as to how to add it to my regimen. 

I have since learnt through trial and error that it is truly a miracle product for my tightly-coiled, tangle-prone hair.

I hope you all enjoy and learn something new from the video x

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Protective Styles

this is one of my favourite protective styles of all time. this is my number one go to for when i want to just leave my hair away for a while. it doesnt take much and usually last a few weeks give or take. this is just one of the many ways i achieve this style :) 

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Hair type?

I've been natural for over 3 years but I'm still having trouble trying to decipher what my hair type is, can an expert of this category give me an opinion on what they think my hair type is?
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