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Welcome to Type 4 Fro, the new resource for those who have type 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair. Here you can find new natural hairstyles, product reviews, hair journeys, contests, tips/tricks and more for your hair! Join the community :)

We don't discriminate; if you're a male, a type 3 naturalista, or even have bone straight hair, we'd like you here too! Some tips and discussions will benefit ALL. 

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Celebrating the Beautiful Textures of Black Hair

Being that black history month is coming to an end, I would like to take this time to celebrate our beautiful hair however we choose to wear it.  I think it is important that we celebrate each other despite all the differences we find individually.  Honestly in the last few years I have seen some beautiful hair.  I…
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Preparation for protective styling

 In the northeast the past few weeks have been brutally cold! So cold, that one day my fro actually frooze! lol! Yes! I kid I kid you not! I had my vey own personal frociscle! lol!! So after that pleasant experience I decided that it may be a good time for a protective styling.

  First, what is protective styling? these are styles that well, protect your hair. Hairstyle where your ends are tucked away and have limited exposure to the elements.

 Here are a few examples of…

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Destiny Washington


Hello CurlFriends !

Hi all - I'm new as well and super excited to have joined. I just have a question. I've been natural for like .. almost two years now (May makes it two). I have a problem with like detangling - it doesn't take as long anymore , but every time I do my hair , whether I am doing a braidout or just washing, I notice hair always sheds.... all the time, for the past almost two years. I never cut or big chopped or trimmed my hair, so is that why? How can I get rid of single strand knots...I don't have…

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Moisture in Protective Styles

I love protective styles, but I would always wonder how to keep my hair moisturized and healthy in them. I learned that with protective styles you just do exactly what you do when your hair is out to keep the moisture.Alot of people think that when they get a protective style they are not suppose to do anything but let it sit there but the same way your hair needs care when it is in a twist out or braid out is the same way your hair in protective styles needs care. My protective style is…

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One year natural

Hello everyone?I'm so new to this, but I'm excited to be apart of this forum. I've been relaxed since 12 and finally after so many years I big chopped on a year and a month post. I've been on a relaxed hair journey with wl hair, but now my goal is to be wl with natural hair. I do need a couple of tips for length retention, and how to keep type 4 hair moisturized. Idk what my hair type is, because i haven't had time to play around with it. Two days after I bc I deep conditioned and moisturized…

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Natural Hair Events, Expos and Meetups

Join us for an afternoon of women entrepreneurs networking in Atlanta! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, please come and learn some great tips on how other ladies started their businesses.  You will receive valuable information on getting your brand off of the ground and staying successful in a competitive market.  There will be a phenomenal bunch, giveaways every thirty minutes! YES! EVERY.THIRTY.MINUTES! :-) You will also go home with gift bags full of natural hair and wellness product…

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Terin and I'm excited about being invited to join this group! This is my second time being natural. It will be two years in April. I also have a two year old daughter, who I'm hoping will grow to love and embrace her natural hair. So, yeah! Happy to be here and can't wait to get more involved.

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Love your Natural

The first sight of natural hair can be a shocker to people because it may be new to them or they simply just may not understand it. Confidence in your natural hair goes a long way, because there's always an eye on you. Being natural may be new to your family and they may not except it at first or at all but that doesn't mean change it, if any thing it means embrace it more. Dreads, braids, curls, pressed hair they are all beautiful not…

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